at Christ The Word

Why we do AWANA

Part of our mission at Christ the Word is raising children for to live for Christ and teaching them His Word. Each week at Awana, children come to learn about God and build friendships in a fun and organized environment.

What happens at AWANA?

Small Groups

The small group time is the heart of Awana. During the week children work on memorizing Bible verses and they bring those to the leader of their small group. Each small group has about four children, so it is a great time to build relationships with fellow clubbers and leaders.

Large Group

During our large group lesson time, clubbers hear age-appropriate Bible lessons from teachers who love God and His Word. This time engages the children with the Bible and gives them lessons they can take home and apply to their lives.

Game Time

There are many reasons children come to Awana, but game time is the reason they all come back! Each week clubbers have the opportunity to put their strength, agility, and wits to the test in our Awana Game Square. Children will have outrageous amounts of fun through relays, chariot races, sharks and minnows, and much much more!

Special events/theme nights

Throughout the year we have theme nights, Awana stores, and an Awana Grand Prix (Pinewood Derby race). Contact us for this year’s calendar of special events.


Children at Awana are divided into four age groups. Click on the boxes to register!

4 & 5 year olds


3rd & 4th

5th & 6th

If you have any questions, contact our Children’s Director, Parker Cornwell.