Coronavirus Update #2

By March 15, 2020Coronavirus

Dear CTW family, 

The elders have decided to CANCEL our morning worship today.

We do so for the following reasons:

  1. Active cases of the coronavirus have been found in Lucas County
  2. As of late last night, an individual in our church is suspected of having contracted the virus (EDIT: as of 9:27am, doctors have ruled strep throat…)

After learning these items, we were initially going to ask that absolutely no one with a cough, fever or sore throat attend this morning, but continue with our planned worship service—and then it became apparent to me that if I were to follow the rules, I could not preach because I have a cough.

We are very sorry to do this. Please understand the challenges we are facing at this time.

FURTHER, we believe it is best to cancel our small groups today.

We will be back in touch soon with further information. The elders will meet tomorrow night to chart our course further ahead in response to this crisis.

Please PRAY for our nation. The president has called for us to do so. Scripture shows us example after example of God’s people doing so and God showing mercy.

Rear God’s Word at home. Pray. Turn to our great Heavenly Father in the power of His Son’s love for us, and worship in your home.

Love in Christ,

David Bayly


Nathan Bayly

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