If you are a woman reading this

          who is starting a new job and may be excited but also scared

          who is about to give birth 

          who is in a season where she’s coasting and things seem smooth

          who is looking forward to heading off to college

          who is trying to figure out what to do since retiring

          who is mourning a deep loss

          who has wee little ones at home

          whose nest is about to get emptier

          who is praying for a prodigal

          who has difficulty waking up each day and facing depression all over again

          who wants to be married

          who is in an abusive relationship

          who needs direction, answers, guidance

          who received a fearful diagnosis

          whose husband has left her

For all the women reading this, be reminded:

No matter your situation, God is good.

Love, Wendy

Wendy Foulke

Author Wendy Foulke

Wendy is married to Dave and they have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and a daughter. The Foulke family has attended Christ the Word since moving to Toledo in 2007. Wendy serves as director of Women of the Word ministries and blogs at reflect-i.com. She enjoys reading and traveling. Her favorite places to visit are the United Kingdom and Montana, and she one day hopes to visit Iceland!

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