I’m afraid of the dark.  I kind of hope everyone is, at least a little, so that I’m not hanging out here alone in this fact. When I walk into a dark room, I keep my eyes closed.  Like, somehow if I choose (or control) the darkness that it seems less scary.  Now, I don’t sleep with a night light or anything, but every now and then I still leave a light on all night, just in case.

What is it about the dark that makes kids (and Aprils) afraid?  It’s the inability to see.  It’s the vast inky unknown.  It’s the shadows that play in the mind.  It’s the imagination of what might be out there.  

Genesis says the world was dark before God spoke light into it.  In an instant, there was no more darkness.  Even at night, God gave stars to shine so that it wasn’t completely dark.

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” John 8:12

Jesus calls Himself the Light of the World and promises light to those who walk with Him.  He says they won’t walk in darkness.  He’ll illuminate the obscure paths.  He’ll bring comforting light into dark circumstances.  He’ll brighten shrouded days with the light of His new mercies.

We live in much uncertainty these days.  But never fear, Jesus is the Light of the World.  No other night lights required.

Love, April

April Cline

Author April Cline

April Cline, may not have a magic wand, but she often finds that her personality magically changes with coffee. If given a few wishes in her fairy tale life, she would request woodland creatures that are handy with housework and a really long nap until her prince arrives (hopefully with a coffee in hand). April's wit and skills on the piano are just a few delights she brings to the family of Christ the Word church. Her tender heart is a testimony of God's grace at work in her.

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