Taken from the book Praying With Paul by D.A. Carson:  “Paul sets an example by thanking God for signs of His grace in other Christians’ lives, specifically their growing faith and love and their faithful endurance of suffering.”

I am in a place of seeing God at work in many women’s lives.  This has been a tremendous privilege.  Because of the blessing I have received in seeing the invisible God at work, I wanted to share that with you, our readers, this summer.  A variety of women will be praising God as they share with you on re:flect-I His mighty works in their lives.  Enjoy your summer as you seek God and grow in Him.

Love, Wendy

Wendy Foulke

Author Wendy Foulke

Wendy is married to Dave and they have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and a daughter. The Foulke family has attended Christ the Word since moving to Toledo in 2007. Wendy serves as director of Women of the Word ministries and blogs at reflect-i.com. She enjoys reading and traveling. Her favorite places to visit are the United Kingdom and Montana, and she one day hopes to visit Iceland!

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